Saint Xavier High School

The Situation

St Xavier High School had a foodservice operation that was over 25 years old. In addition to being dated, the space could no longer adequately accommodate the high volume and needs of staff and students.

  • Service station lines were single file with a single-sided cashier station, resulting in a slow throughput
  • Students spent their lunch time waiting in line rather than eating
  • Storage was limited
  • Walk-in coolers were too small

The Plan

To modernize the operation to meet the current demand of higher volume production and provide a greater menu offering with flexibility for the future.

  • Increase square footage of kitchen
  • Build a new storeroom with high-density shelving, a production walk-in and a meat processing room
  • Stagger service stations to reduce bottleneck of students
  • Integrate double-sided cashier stations to increase throughput
  • Create multiple stations with proper equipment to support various menus and flexibility for menu updates in the future
  • Provide a better atmosphere for students

The Result

All trades were well-coordinated and pushed to meet their targeted dates of completion so the project could be completed during the short construction period from when school ended in May to the start of the new school year in mid-August.

  • The project was completed on time and the kitchen was open for the new school year
  • The kitchen now comfortably serves 1600 meals per day
  • Students and staff are now able to enjoy a whole new level of food and service for years to come


Louisville, Kentucky