Nissan North American Headquarters

The Situation

DRS Foodservice Design was hired to provide the foodservice layout and specification needed for this large corporate facility feeding employees, executives and visitors in the Nissan North American Headquarters.

This was a new construction project; design consulting and supply services were needed to build these dining facilities from the ground up.

The Plan

DRS knew this would be a huge job and worked with the team to design several new facilities including a full kitchen facility, as well as corporate dining and employee dining facilities.

Design elements and project spec items included:

  • Full “Galley Style” Kitchen
  • Hood and UDS
  • High end server/action stations
  • HD Cooking Line:
    • Kettles/Tilt Skillets/Ovens/Fryer Bank
  • Large Mixer
  • S/S Work Table Stations, set up to accommodate utensils
  • Walk-In Cooler and Freezer
  • High Volume Dish Area
  • Cook Chill Equipment

The Result

DRS completed this project on-time and in-scope, and the result was a modern dining facility with state-of-the-art equipment and a vibrant atmosphere for executives, staff and guests.

  • A “galley-style” kitchen, featuring heavy duty equipment for a bulk cooking capacity.
  • A server area broken down into a number of cooking action-areas to offer employees a wider variety. Along with the addition of a freestanding Salad & Soup Island, and in combination with the overall flow and space, employees now have easy access to get their preferred meal of the day. The fit and finish for the server stations is very high end with a clean and dimensional look.
  • An upper floor dining area with high-end finishes and a pantry-style staging/holding/finishing component which allows for unique, quality offerings to the upper level executives.


1 Nissan Way, Franklin, Tennessee