Construction Documentation & Equipment Specification

Once the space plans and equipment schedules are completed, DRS coordinates with architects and engineers to provide them with all the detailed AutoCAD drawings and utility connections needed to produce the construction documents. DRS will work with owners and architects to develop health department review documents.

All the equipment is specified in detail. Custom-designed equipment is fully coordinated with industry partners and manufacturers. DRS makes certain that shop drawings meet the design criteria. Once all the equipment is completely specified and custom-fabricated equipment is sourced, DRS will document the equipment specification and create equipment bid package for the project. DRS will then review all the bid packages submitted to make sure that spec has been followed and a true “apples to apples” pricing package is presented to our clients. We will help our clients select the equipment dealer with the best proposal that meets the needs of the project.

As the project progresses, we will be there making sure that the design is being followed and the equipment selection specifications are being met. DRS will come on-site to inspect the equipment installation and provide detailed punch lists for our clients’ projects.

Our goal is for the final setup and equipment hook-up to be exactly as designed. We make sure the equipment is started and everything is running correctly before we are done. Then, we check back several times during the first year to make sure the design and equipment are working as planned.