Operational Assessments

Operational Assessments are thorough reviews of current operations with the objective to provide valuable opportunities for improvement as well as recommendations for making necessary changes. These improvements result in a stronger culinary culture, cost savings, increased revenues, better use of labor dollars and an improved guest experience.

Operational Assessment Process:

Step 1: On-Site Visit and Observation

We conduct a complete analysis of the existing layout and design of the operation as well as the current menu plan and services provided. All points of service are documented, as are the job descriptions and job flows of the department or restaurant.

Step 2: Proposal of Recommendations and Action Plan

Based on the information gathered in the on-site visit, we will prepare a report with our findings and an actionable plan for implementation. This report includes recommendations such as proposed design plans; menu concepts; new points of service and improved processes; equipment specifications; schematic designs; estimated budgets; and an ROI model for the proposed plan.

Step 3: Implementation of Action Plan

The deliverable for an Operational Assessment is the Action Plan delivered in Step 2. This plan is created in such a way that owners and managers can execute on the recommendations with or without further assistance from our team.